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Our values

Corporate vision

There are many goals to aim for in life. In order to stay on track, we adhere to the deep-seated values of being a “pioneer, master, partner”. These principles form the foundation of our unique culture and our success. We live by these values and put them into practice on a daily basis. They help us stay focused on our goals and achieve them.

A pioneer is the first as he drives innovation.

In the future, we will continue to explore new avenues, to break the conventions, to develop products and services, which our customers and consumers are unaware of today, but which they will use tomorrow.

A master is the best as he is only satisfied with outstanding premium quality.

In the future we want to continue to deliver top quality, to be the number one in the Swiss beer market, to expand in the beverage market, to strive for outstanding performance and to exceed ourselves.

A partner is the most successful in the long term as he secures the future through responsible action.

In the future we will continue to connect people, to hold on to our Swiss roots and to assume responsibility for our environment.