Personnel policy

Our employees – our most important resource

Anyone who works for Feldschlösschen should do so with passion and enjoyment. We see ourselves as ONE team that wants to achieve great things together.

We are looking for staff who want to work for our company with conviction and passion and who want to help achieve Feldschlösschen’s ambitious goals through their innovative mindset and expertise. 



Further employee benefits

It is not just the wage that determines the appeal of an employer. Additional factors such as working climate, development opportunities and fringe benefits etc. are responsible for employees feeling comfortable in their workplace and being loyal towards their company.

Therefore, in addition to the usual wage in this line of business, Feldschlösschen offers its employees many interesting benefits:

  • Modern tools (iPhone, iPads for sales, modern satnav system, use of handhelds in logistics) 
  • Company cars (for staff at division management level or higher and for field personnel) 
  • Progressive working time models (flexible working hours in administration) 
  • Assumption of accident and sick pay premiums 
  • Purchase of Reka-Checks at a 20% discount
  • Discounts on all of our products for home use (employee beverage shop) 
  • Water and soft drinks are provided free of charge in the workplace 
  • Option to eat in the cafeteria 
  • Food vouchers for meals when away from the workplace
  • Various employee offers such as discounted tickets for sports and cultural events

Occupational Pension Plan

Provide for the future

As a legally independent pension fund, the Personalvorsorgestiftung of the Feldschlösschen Beverages Group insures its employees within the scope of occupational provisions against the risk of old age, death and invalidity and offers timely benefits at a high level.


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Feldschlösschen advances you

Professional development is a key topic at Feldschlösschen. We regard continuous learning and development as an investment in the future of our employees and in the success of our entire company. We regularly provide our staff with development opportunities related to their role(s) and focus on leadership development. Our staff can choose from a large range of more than 40 courses and seminars offered in our professional development brochure, which is updated annually. Upon request, the personnel and organisational development department advises colleagues with regard to selecting the right course.