Corporate culture

Together we are stronger

Feldschlösschen’s management is based on clear, mutually agreed targets that are guided by the company’s vision and strategy. All employees agree annual personal targets with their superiors and are assessed based on whether they have met these targets at the end of the year.

“At Feldschlösschen we have a positive work culture that is characterised by a strong team spirit and passion for what we do.”

“Pioneer, Master, Partner”

Our theme

Our success is based on the deep-seated values of being a pioneer, master and partner. We live by these values and put them into practice on a daily basis. They help us stay focused on our goals and achieve them:

  • We are a pioneer because we drive innovation.
  • We are a master because we only settle for outstanding premium quality
  • We are a partner because we secure the future through our own responsible actions 

Culture of communication

We communicate openly

Irrespective of our role or position, we communicate actively and transparently at all levels. We exchange ideas and information in team meetings or during the monthly after-work meeting, or discuss what's on our mind with the CEO over a beer. In doing so, we treat each other kindly and are always open to feedback and constructive criticism. We are informed of the priorities and goals by the management during the annual staff information event and are given an insight into the business development on a monthly basis. We ensure an active flow of information via various communication channels, such as the Intranet, notice boards, staff magazine and personal conversations.