Aramis – the sweetheart

Aramis is Feldschlösschen’s first horse in the more than 140-year-old history of the brewery to be born in the castle stables in Rheinfelden. His mother, Pouliche, gave birth to her offspring on a mild day in spring at Feldschlösschen. Aramis has developed splendidly and is now training as a dray horse. He is a hard-working student and mostly well-behaved; occasionally his crafty nature comes through, which the carriage drivers steer in the right direction with a great deal of patience. Aramis has been extremely trusting in people since birth. The fact that he was born in the castle stable will shape his life: he is already a proud dray horse – everyone’s sweetheart!    

Date of birth   17.04.2008
Stockmass   170 cm
Weight   950 kg
Breed   Boulonnais
With Feldschlösschen   since 2008 (born in the castle stables)